Travel – Petra

View of The Monestry was completely worth it after an epic uphill climb in long-sleeved shirts and 40 plus degrees baking sun.

Going to Petra was for me fulfilling a life long dream.  Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade was one of my favourite movies as a kid and without fail I would always fast forward to the part where Indy arrives at the temple where the Last Knight and the holy grail is waiting.  “You have chosen wisely…”

Walking through the rose gold canyon and getting my first glimpse of the Treasury building was surreal beyond words.  To imagine this ancient city full of life is a feast for the imagination.  It is astounding what the human race is capable of, from the ingenious water ducts that carried water around the city to the enormous and intricate facades carved into the sheer rock face.

Can you tell I’m about as excited as a squirrel with an acorn??

The Rose Gold Canyon and the water ducts that used to bring water into the city

There she is – The Treasury Building

Jordon was extremely safe with it’s government placing a high priority on tourism and visitor safety.  At each tourist attraction you will see a booth of police dedicated to protecting visitors.  Unfortunately for Jordon it is lumped into the “Middle East” basket which is considered dangerous and unstable by the majority of the West.  With all the civil unrest of it’s neighbouring Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Israel, the Jordanian tourism industry has suffered terribly with often only a handful of visitors at each attraction.  Even in Petra we often found ourselves alone in the canyon or at famous ruins, great for a traveller but tragic for the economy.

Petra is a sight that I will remember for the rest of my life.  Speaking with our Jordanian tour leader, Petra receives on average 500,000 visitors each year compared to the 2 million visitors San Francisco Zoo received in 2012 following the birth of a baby panda… It doesn’t seem fair.

A well-deserved lunch.  This is a typical Jordanian meal of flat bread, hummus, tomato and cucumber.  Though delicious I had some variation of this meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 8 days!!  I still can’t bear to look at flat bread.

The Valley of the Tombs

A tomb carved into the colourful sandstone

Tiny me peeking into the Monastery.

Lastly, here is a weird video we took of a camel grinding it’s teeth!

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