Tight Ass Tuesday – Oumira Jewellery Sale!

For those of you who missed my recent post on Oumira jewellery, I have collaborated with the Canberra based jewellery store once more to produce a “Tight Ass Tuesday” that just goes to prove how truly affordable they are.  Next time you are headed to Lovisa to buy some massed-produced jewellery I encourage you to stop in at Oumira first.  They have wonderful statement pieces designed by the store owner Oumaya herself for truly competitive prices!

This outfit is pretty racy by my standards and to make me even more anxious I photographed this series directly outside my university building (on a weekend).  I was praying that no one from my course was putting in extra study hours!!

As glamorous as these photos look, 2 hours later I was itchy, snotty, puffy eyed, and my nose sounded like a 5 year old trying to drink the last of their milkshake through a straw.  Dead sexy – welcome hayfever season!  Despite my allergies I LOVE wattle trees.  They are so distinctly Australian and signify the start of a beautiful spring…


To welcome the change in seasons I put together this look with Summer in mind.  Music festivals, weekends at the beach, warm nights… I really cannot wait!  Oumira’s colourful bohemian jewellery (which is currently on sale) embodies summer days and add fun and flirtiness to an otherwise monochrome outfit.
Outfit details:
Oumira tribal necklace – on sale for $10 – www.oumira.com.au
Oumira beaded stretch bracelet – on sale for $5 – www.oumira.com.au
Oumira bronze detail ring – on sale for $5 – www.oumira.com.au
Cropped white singlet by Supre – $7
Lace panties by La Senza – $7
Distressed cut off shorts by Supre (old) – $20
White linen shirt by Valleygirl (old) – $10
Faux fur vest by Valleygirl (old) – $30
Outfit total = $94


Don’t forget the that Oumira is currently offering Happy Schnapper readers 30% off full prices items online using checkout code “Happy Schnapper”. 

Canberrans also can get 20% off full priced items instore,  all you need to do is to go over to Facebook and not only LIKE
the Happy
Schnapper page
but also LIKE the Oumira
  An in store voucher is available for redemption on both of our pages.


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