Tight Ass Tuesday – The Fisherman Jumper

The main reason that I am styling this jumper to show you all how talented and wonderful my mum is!  A few years ago she suffered a fall at work which permanently injured her shoulder, this pretty much resulted in early retirement as she can no longer lift anything over 5kgs or hold the some shoulder position for very long.

When we went shopping together a few months ago I wanted to buy a chunky knit fisherman’s jumper to which she responded that is was a complete waste of money as she could just do it herself (she is thriftier than me!).  So while I was holidaying by the sea she went out and bought some wool and started slowly knitting me a jumper!  Because of her shoulder she could only do a little at a time but she eventually presented me with this!!  A rather unflattering, poo brown, shapeless jumper that I absolutely adore!

She even put in thumb holes for me! 
(I used to cut thumb holes into my school uniform which would result in a massive smack and they would magically be sewn shut the next day!)

 OPI mani in “A good man-darin is hard to find


As the jumper is thoroughly frumpy I have sexed it up by showing some leg in a white floral mini skirt with some super high platform heels and have also attempted to break up the neckline a bit with a collared shirt and a chunky necklace.

Outfit details:
Hand knit fisherman’s jumper – courtesy of my mum
Trapeze sleeveless collared shirt by Kmart – $12
White mini skirt by Supre – $5 from the Supre clearance store in Majura Park
Paze Maze heel by Lipstick – $40
Sunglasses from street stall in Thailand – $10
Lion head necklace by With Love Kirsten – $8.99 , similar here
Looped thumb ring from markets – $2
Outfit Total – $77.99

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