Tight Ass Tuesday – Alpine Hipster

Today a casual dinner outfit to celebrate an early birthday with my family who have totally missed the significance of being present in the same country as their daughter on her 30th birthday.   Oh well, I can only hope for a fabulous birthday present from abroad upon their return.

Though they offered to take me out somewhere fancy, all I really wanted was to visit my favourite Chinese restaurant King Fook at Florey Shops for their Crispy Aromatic Duck Pancakes and what a Fooking good meal it was 😉  If anyone has ever been to King Fook you will know it’s not a place which requires dressing up… of any kind!

Today I’m wearing non-prescription glasses which I define as terrible fashion accessory.  Everything about the hipster trend drives me insane.  Fashion is about trying your best to look good and the very definition of not trying to look good while being on trend has now become a trend which everyone tries so hard to replicate.  It’s a complete oxymoron!!  Anyway, I actually do wear prescription lenses however the pair I have now make me look like a naughty librarian rather than the geek chic I was aiming for!
Outfit details:
Arctic knit mini dress by Shilla (worn as a jumper) – $15 thrifted
Distressed jeans by Bardot – $15 thrifted
Sand shoes by Raben – $10
Beanie by Kmart – $12
Hipster glasses by Ally – $9.95
Outfit Total = $61.95

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