Tattoo Removal – Session 2

Please read on for more gory photos!

After having returned from my overseas holiday I visited Tatts On, Tatts Off for my second removal session.  I had left it 2 weeks longer than what was ideal as I was on holiday.   For the best results it is best that you continue sessions at intervals where the skin does not heal too much between sessions, so unfortunately I had taken a small step backwards.  For those that missed my first session you can read it here (warning: graffic photos!)

By now Tatts on, Tatts off is well and truly on the map with a drive by shooting occurring just a week after my session!  Full news article here!  Luckily no one was hurt and Bones has gone back to business as usual.  Will remember to bring a Kevlar vest for my next session though.

I was fairly confident I knew what to expect being my second time however I was unpleasantly surprised that the pain was twice as painful than my first session.   The tattoo gun had me physically trembling and had sweat poring out my palms.  It hurt a lot more as the skin was still healing and much more sensitive.  When I took a peek down at what was going on my skin was literally shredded by the tattoo gun!!

Conveniently however they sell a numbing cream that can be applied 1 hour prior to your session to take away a good deal of the pain and only costs $20.  Needless to say I took a tube of that away with me!

So here are the results.  I forgot to take a photo before my second session so I’ve used he last photo from my post on session 1.

Week 0
Day 1
After I told Bones about the week long pain and trouble walking I suffered from in session 1 he wrapped me in a compression bandage after this session and it made the world of difference.  I was back at the gym within 2 days and virtually no pain in the following days.
Week 1
After one week I found that the scab was significantly thinner than last time.  This resulted in a much quicker shedding process and much less itching and getting stuck to my pants.
Week 2
After 2 weeks the scab is almost all shed which is almost a week faster healing than session 1.
Week 3
The scab is all gone and while the tattoo is certainly looking lighter and “fuzzier” I am a bit disappointed that I’m not one of the lucky customers that only need 1 or 2 treatments before their tattoo is magically gone!
Week 4
After 4 weeks and almost ready for my 3rd session.
Before and After

So there has certainly been some fading I am now starting to doubt whether my tattoo will fully fade.  There is still a lot of ink left in the skin and with each session is does get more faint however the chances of scarring increase too… Maybe my expectations were too high? 

To Be Continued!

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