September 2013 through my iPhone

Welcome to my September 2013.  A monthly series taken on my phone which capture
the details of my life that are small yet by no means insignificant XoX

2nd Sept – Finally got the lenses to my Ralph Lauren glasses updated and now enjoying being a pervert in high def
6th Sept – Severely offensive!  My lovely work colleague thought he’d surprise me when I was coming back from lunch with this cracking outfit
8th Sept – Training for a fun run in November!  Session 1
8th Sept – Not the sharpest little tool in the shed but he sure is lovable.


9th Sept – Crunching loudly on snow peas in an attempt to stay alert in my Project Management lecture
12th Sept – 3rd session of Tattoo Vanish tattoo removal at Tatts On Tatts Off.  Ouch ouch ouch!!
14th Sept – Trying on the Animal Harem Pants from Bardot… I think it may be love…
14th Sept – On the way to a costume party as Mario and Luiji!
16th Sept – Friends who train together stay together!  Pre-Body Combat selfie 🙂
16th Sept – Hubby thought it’d be funny to hide snails in a tub of pre-trainer to freak Jay and I out!
16th Sept – Zara tri-tone sandals… Should I?
19th Sept – Visiting my friends new penthouse at the Manhattan Apartments which happens to also be my shoot location later this month.  Imagine waking up to this view every morning!

21st Sept – 1 month on from challenging ourselves to doing the splits by NYE2013, Jay and I are inching lower… painfully!

22nd Sept – My cute little parents taking me out to my favourite local Chinese restaurant for an early birthday dinner before they leave to go on holiday.  Mum is totally rocking the Adidas tracksuit and Dad certainly got the memo that tartan is back in style!  Haha  #swag 

22nd Sept – Food prepping with boiled eggs/spinach for breakfast and kangaroo burgers/steamed broccoli for lunch.  In the lead up to my photoshoot at the end of the month I thought I would trial a modified bodybuilding diet to see if I would see any fast (temporary) results!  This was the worst 3 weeks of my life!
22nd Sept – Hardcord Study Mode.  Twice the laptops = twice the productivity!!
23rd Sept – Cheat meal wasn’t much of a cheat 🙁  Japanese and shit talking with an old friend
27th Sept – Jay’s birthday and a brief window of freedom from calorie control and being chained to my text books to spend some time with the besties.
Photo by Martyn Yang

28th Sept – Photoshoot Day!!  To celebrate my 30th birthday next month I have teamed up with my good friend and favourite photographer HD Photography to bring you something a little “racey” to prove that though I’m approaching the hill, I’m certainly not over it quite yet!
28th Sept – Beast mode… sorta!  IG filters have transformed me into The Rock!  Behind the scenes on the HD Photography/Happy Schnapper photoshoot!
30th Sept – I ordered 10 pairs of glasses as part of the Oscar Wylee and Bespecd home trial!  Now just to pick which ones to buy while posing like an Asian, it comes so naturally…

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