August 2013 through my iPhone

Welcome to my August 2013.  A monthly series taken on my phone which capture the details of my life that are small yet by no means insignificant XoX

5th Aug – First day back at work after almost a month.  ARGH, Post-It nightmare!!
10th Aug – Crazy work colleagues, what a bunch of beautiful nutcases!  Celebrating Coolio’s 40th!


10th Aug – Addicted to photographing light beams 🙂 Party people at Cube
11th Aug – Could not think of a worse hangover food but yum cha for breaky fixed me right up!
16th Aug – I love Mexican food!!!
17th Aug – Cotton On sports bras are the best high impact cardio bras.  Not to mention they come in a wide range of super cute prints!
17th Aug – Happy Schnappers!  My friends dog Aston and I seem to have been separated at birth!
18th Aug – Gym bag… lucky I didn’t accidentally take her to the gym!
23rd Aug – At my beautiful friend Melissa’s 30th birthday.  She was with me the day I met my husband and that will forever be my fondest memory!  The theme was anything beginning with “T”.  Tradie and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle 🙂
24th Aug – Walking the dog in inappropriate footwear!
25th Aug – Telling Loui about my awesome new nail art… he is a good listener 🙂

30th Aug – After work drinks gets a little wild! Haha, thank god for Sard.
31st Aug – Slow juicing the rainbow!!  Ginger, carrot, blueberries, beetroot, celery, broccoli, kale, lemon and grapefruit! 


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