Travel – Jordan

Flying in over Jordan was a scary thing.  The country side was desolate, dusty, dry, dotted with squat clay houses.  It looked utterly inhospitable.  Hubby actually whispered “What the fuck have we got ourselves into?” as I looked out the window in dismay at our next holiday destination.

My trepidation didn’t last long as Jordan was such a magical place.  From the history behind their countless ancient ruins to the proud Jordanian people, not once did I feel unsafe or unwelcome. 

View over densely populated Amman from the Citadel, I love the way the houses pile on top of one of each other as far as the eye can see.  A spectacular city.
The Citadel, situated in the heart of downtown Amman
Having a rest at the Roman amphitheatre 
The ruins of the ancient city of Jerash, so intriguing.
The view from Mt Nebo where Moses was granted a view of the promised lands, though the view does not look so promising to me! 
Since I was a little kid I’d always wanted to visit the Dead Sea, I was so buoyant that swimming through the water felt more like paddling my surfboard!  The water was so incredibly salty that getting it on my lips made them instantly blister and getting it in your eye felt like acid and meant a rinse with fresh water.
Another highlight was covering yourself in Dead Sea mud which most of us ladies have heard is wonderful for the skin.  Now I’m not a huge believer in the benefits of day spas however my skin has never felt so amazing.  The mud seems to scrub off all the dead skin cells, replenish the skin with moisture and minerals leaving you smooth and soft!  If Australian Customs weren’t so efficient I’d be bagging up that stuff and bringing it home!
Underground passages in Kerak Castle

4WD’ing through Wadi Rum desert… in our super reliable vehicle…
The beautiful Wadi Rum desert
Wadi Rum base camp, a beautiful night sleeping under the starts.  Luckily no scorpions crawled into my mouth in the night, just one annoying fox who refused to let anyone sleep.

Smokin’ it up with my new Bedouin mates, not intimidating at all!
Sunset over the desert, perfect.
Camels really have the weirdest legs!

And of course no trip to Jordan is complete without visiting the ancient city of Petra however I’ll dedicate a post all of it’s own to this mind blowing place.  Coming soon….

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