Tight Ass Tuesday – Skivvilicious

It’s been awhile since I’ve done an outfit post but Happy Tight Ass Tuesday!  Here are two items that I haven’t worn in a long time – skivvy and flares!
If you grew up in the 90’s in a cooler Australian climate skivvy’s were probably part of your everyday attire, mine was yellow, smelt like mothballs and was always pilling!  This is probably why I have a skivvy phobia!  For this outfit I donned the neck warming attire and found it to be not only amazingly warm but also elegantly chic and quite flattering. Could the skivvy be making a come back into my everyday rotation? Too soon to call it.
I had a number of petite Vietnamese girlfriends in high school who always relied heavily on the optical illusion of flares and sky high wedges.  I know current season trends dictate that skinny pants are the only cut worth considering but as a strong believer of dressing for you rather than for fashion, a flared pant hiding some outrageously heels are a guaranteed success for those who are seeking long legged look.
Outfit Details:
Skivvy by Ice Designs – $5
High waisted wide leg flares by Zara – $29
Chunky suede sandals by Kmart – $29.95
Felt moulded cap by Valleygirl – $9.95
Outfit total = $73.90

 Photos courtesy of @dailyfauxpas


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