July 2013 through my iPhone

Well lasts months photos will be difficult to upload… half way through the month I lost my iPhone!!  Sure it’s just a material possession but my phone was so fully integrated into my daily life.  Social media gate way, photo diary, music library, contact portal… I didn’t deal with the loss well. But luckily for me I backed up a lot of photos before travelling so haven’t lost everything and am now back in the real world and connected again. This months post will be mostly photos from hubby’s phone since mine is in a straw hut by the Red Sea in Egypt right now…

4th July – Banoffee Cheesecake I baked for morning tea at work.  Delish!

6th July – Bathroom selfie!  This is why girls take so long in the toilet 😛

7th July – Slava’s Snow Show for Hubby’s birthday!  I found “snow” in weird places for days!

9th July – Being a good wifey and sewing patches onto Hubby’s backpack

11th July – About to leave Canberra


13th July – View over the olive plantations from Ajloun Castle, Jordon


14th July – Being a tag dag while taking a photo across the desolate Jordanian landscape

15th July – At the amazing Petra.  A view of the Monastery after an epic up hill climb.


16th July – iPhone panorama of our desert camp site in Wadi Rum

18th July – Nuweiba beach camp by the Red Sea… The height of relaxation.  Also the last known sighting of my mobile phone!


19th July – Dinner in Dahab, Egypt

20th July – Luxury at last!  Checking into The Hyatt in Sharm El Sheikh looking like a scruff!


21st July – Dolphins swimming with our boat in Ras Mohammad Marine Park

25th July – A lovely Turkish man feeding me stuffed muscles, haha.


24th July – Turkish Delight dream.

26th July – Cappadocia – It just had to be done

27th July – Hiking in Cappadocia and my shoes have certainly seen better days… and so have my legs!


28th July – Overnight Bus to Pammukale


30th July – Dubai Mall and their epic indoor aquarium


31st July – First class travel is a whole different world.  The private Cabana in the Cathay Pacific first class lounge.  A private shower, spa bath and lounge setting.  Sure beats travelling with Air Asia!


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