Travel – Packing Tips

As a fashionista, packing light does not come naturally and most people do not believe that I am a pretty light packer.

Now I have talked briefly on my packing list before where I pack outfits based on specific activities but this posts looks more in detail at how I physically pack which in true Schnapper style may come across as a bit obsessive!

Only pack shoes you truly need as they are so cumbersome and space invading. For this trip thongs for the beach, hiking boots for the desert, sandals for slightly dressier occasions, casual sneakers for the plane. No occasion for heels this time!
I pack all my shoes in shoe bags so that they are together and don’t get the rest of my clothes dirty. If I am packing fancy heels I will usually use a single bag per shoe to prevent rubbing and stuff them with socks to retain their shape.

To maximise your outfit potential work on the theory of “pairing”. This means pack bottoms that can match with multiple tops and vice versa. 2 bottoms and 5 tops can potentially mean 10 unique outfits 😉

Check -in bags
On my way out of the country I aim to only pack my suitcase to around 60 – 70% capacity. This is to allow for messy packing on the way home and more importantly the new found treasures I collect along the way! Another way to maximise your shopping packing space is to pack an empty duffle bag. Almost everyone I know owns a Country Road duffle and they are perfect for rolling up into a ball when leaving home, then stuffing it full of goodies and using it as a larger carry on when returning.

I also have a sick fear of my bag exploding mid flight and having my undies strewn across the baggage carousel upon arrival – thus I always use a baggage belt to be safe which helps identify my bag easily too.
Packing Cells
These are just the best invention ever!  They are essentially smaller bags that fit in your suitcase that can be used to compartmentalise, categorise and separate your luggage contents making I easier to find your things and keep them organised.
My stack of packing cells from top to bottom:
1. Socks and undies
2. Bras and pyjamas
3. Swimwear and towel
4. Tops, bottoms and dresses

When packing a carry-on bag I always say to myself “what will you need for the next 12-48 hours when you are in transit? I always pack my creature comforts, some nibbles/water, an extra jumper and some entertainment.

My creature comforts include:
  • Bed socks – I get cranky when I have cold feet
  • Gum – stinky breath in close confines is not desirable
  • Laptop – in case the movies are shit
  • iPhone – games and music
  • Sound cancelling headphones – can also double as ear plugs to drown out a screaming baby, snoring traveller or chatty neighbour.
  • Neck cushion – Also good to sit on when your butt gets sore…
  • Candy – because I’m addicted to processed sugar and it makes me happy
  • Kindle – so I can read 2% of Game of Thrones on my 14 hour flight
  • Eye patch – to block out those who like to fly with the window shade up
  • Change of clothes – if you have a overnight transit or your luggage goes missing

In addition to your essentials always remember to keep your valuables in your carry on.   In many countries laptops, cameras and cash regularly disappear from checked in baggage, regardless of whether you have a baggage lock.

For girls at least, the toiletries bag seems to be the heaviest component of the suitcase!  On closer examination of a girls toiletries reveals a mass of creams, gels and lotions that are part of the daily routine.  Once I travelled with a friend who packed full sized bottles of everything – shampoo, lotions, family sized pump sunscreen, probably to a total weight of 2-3 kilos!  Trust me, you will never use that must sunscreen even over a 1 year period.  Invest in some travel sized reusable bottles (around $5 for 4 at Target).  That way you can still bring all the components of your regular beauty regime without lugging litres of liquids around the world.  These reusable bottles are also MUCH cheaper than travel sized mini’s that you find in the supermarket, even though they are super cute.

The recycled air on long haul flights sucks the life out of my skin. 

To ensure my comfort my cosmetic essentials include:

  • Paw Paw ointment – good for the lips but also good for dry skin around the nose (it’s even great to stick up your nose when you are feeling especially dry!)
  • Heavy duty hand cream
  • Face mist – refresh yourself mid flight, it feels amazing.
  • Makeup remover wipes – a great way to take off your makeup but can also be used to wipe down your body if you are feeling a bit stale.

Also, if it’s a red eye I like to prepare for bed much in the same way as I would at home. I’ll take off my makeup, wash my face, brush my teeth… It’ll make you feel better dozing off but the same process when waking up will make you feel more human. Keep in mind the airline liquids and gel limitations though when packing your toiletries. Nothing more heartbreaking than seeing someone have their Marc Jacobs parfum confiscated at the security gate!

So there you have it, I’m pretty much ready to go.  Make sure you check in to to see where I am headed and what I get up to.  I’ll attempt to post semi-regularly on Instagram and Facebook.
I hope you found some of my tips useful!

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