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Hello, posting today from the Airport.

My current holiday destination is to…drumroll please… the Middle East! Possibly not everyone’s first (or even last) choice but I travel with the notion that I may as well hit the “difficult” destinations while I’m still young. After all the turmoil in Egypt lately we had to re-route our Cairo stint at the very last minute, to minimise the possibility of being caught in the middle of an all-out civil war, I still can’t believe we are travelling all the way to Egypt and can’t go to see the pyramids, it’s a real shame however our Plan C is looking more than just a little bit perfect, a desert paradise if you will. #alwaysseethepositives

Travelling is something I love however sitting in the same seat for over 10 hours breathing recycled air is something I loathe. No pain no gain right? This trip will see me cram myself into insufficiently padded airplane seats 10 times over in a 3 weeks timeframe, thus the art of airport fashion evolves. I’ve made all the trial and errors to come up with some hot tips for the perfect travel ensemble, ignore the pressure to look like a travelling movie star, instead opt for casual chic and enjoy a comfortable flight.

  • Skinny jeans are not your friend… I once thought I could gracefully leap off my plane looking not unlike travel fashionista Victoria Beckham. As I sat there 2 hours into a 9 hour flight with a massive wedgie, my top button undone and unable to bend my knees I vowed to never travel in anything that remotely resembled denim ever again.

  • Don’t be THAT girl – too much jewellery and sky high heels! They hold up everyone at the security gate because they have to strip off all their bling and un-shoe themselves (resulting in looking like everyone else) then again holding up the line to costume up again. If you need more convincing then watch this Jenna Marbles video! You are going to kill us all with your f—ing heels!

  • There is nothing worse than an underwire jabbing into you on a long haul flight. Best go sans bra or opt for a sports bra.

  • 2 is the magic number – of maximum carry-on bags you should have. One hand bag for your immediate essentials – passport, wallet, iPod, book. A second bigger bag for your “may need later”such as laptop, extra layers, mid-flight snacks etc. When you have more than two bags you will you get flustered and probably lose stuff!

  • Ponytails and Buns are so awkward when trying to lean back in a seat. Opt for hair out, low pony or my personal favourite – the braid.

  • Like a cinema the plane always tends to be too cold or too hot but always unpredictable. I will have a combination of 3 layers no matter the weather. Start with a singlet that you can strip down to if the temperature climbs, followed by a long sleeved shirt. They look great open, buttoned or tied around your waist. Lastly some sort of jacket. Most of the time you won’t need this however if it does get chilly you can wear it or use it as a cape or blanket. Never wear shorts or a skirt, it’s too risky.

  • This last tip is not a must however I get really cranky when I have cold feet so I always have to wear socks and closed shoes! Converse Chucks and a pair of ankle sock are generally my footwear of choice.

I hope that this post has saved you from a long haul wedgie, mile high muffin top or airplane chills! See you all on the other side and don’t forget to follow my Facebook and Instagram for the most recent photos of my trip! XOX

Long sleeved t-shirt by Country Road
Long lined cardigan by Country Road
Jeggings by Bardot
Satchel bag by Sportsgirl
Gluon backpack by Kathmandu
Day pack by Targus


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