Tight Ass Tuesday – Underground grunge

Happy Tight Ass Tuesday and surprise, it’s not me but my housemate Jay!
Last weekend I teamed up with Thierry from Nomad Photography for a bit of a styling project however we were forced indoors due to rain that did not ease all day.  Just my luck.  Anyway, more on that later…


Today’s look was shot spontaneously as the end of the official photoshoot when we were just about to pack up and go home.  Thierry declared, “Just one more outfit!  Throw something together will you Soph?”  For starters I never just throw anything together.  I’m such a control freak that outfits are carefully selected, fitted to the model, accessorised, pondered for the week leading up to a shoot so being asked to make a spontaneous outfit with just the clothes that I had packed in the back of my car really put the pressure on!  So what did I come up with?

An amazing budget friendly outfit that oozed bad girl style!
Beanie by Kmart – $7
Scarf print silk blazer by Asos – $30 preloved from eBay
Quilted faux leather skirt by Romwe – a gift from blogger Jiawa at Closet Voyage
“Luxury” suede pumps by Therapy – $45.95 
Bra – models own
Outfit Total = $82.95

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