Tight Ass Tuesday – Camo jeans

Apologies for the lack of outfit and blog posts of late but I’ve had a few projects to knock over in the last few weeks which I hope to share with you all soon.  I’ve been working pretty hard the last month to put together some professional styled shoots which usually is tons of fun though in the middle of a Canberra winter my models are usually a tinge of blue and the photographers trigger finger is catching frost bite!  I do like a good challenge 🙂  I’m so appreciative of everyone involved and will credit each and every individual involved in the coming posts.

Anyway, happy Tight Ass Tuesday!  Today’s look is a bit sloppy to match my sloppy mood!  When you are in a bit of a CBF’d state, nothing is easier to wear than an old grandpa cardigan.  You may not look glam but you sure are cosy!

Outfit details:
Grandpa cardigan by Warehouse – $35
Oversized singlet – $5 from Thailand
Camo jeans by Bardot – $30
Timberland style heeled bootie by Lipstik – $40
Outfit Total = $110

Bardot is having an amazing end of year and I picked up these camo skinny jeans for $30 down from $149.95!  The Canberra Centre has some spectacular sales on at the moment and I literally have to shuffle through the centre staring at my shoes to avoid impulse shopping.  Even a fashionista needs to save sometimes…


These Lipstik shoes look fabulous but let me tell you about my experience with this brand.  I bought my first pair of Lipstik’s for a hen’s night.  Wearing them for the first time I was just standing at the bar at The Ivy when SNAP, my heel completely broke off!  If any of you have experienced this in the past it’s extremely awkward, embarrassing and very dangerous!
I took them back to the store and without so much as a sorry they told me I couldn’t get a refund, only an exchange.  So I chose a new pair of Lipstik’s that looked a little sturdier… On my first attempted wear (again in Sydney) the zipper broke, luckily I had the foresight to pack backup heels just in case.

I took them back to the store and one of the girls managed to fix the zipper and sent me on my way again.  Needless to say the zipper broke again but this time Lipstik refused to exchange the shoes, the reason was because during the last exchange they forgot to give me a receipt and though they had full record of the transaction they refused to exchange due to me not having a receipt (a complete crock!)

So amazing as these shoes are I can already feel the heels moving about unsteadily, even when I’m not walking!  I’ve used these heels for photoshoots but would never risk wearing them past my letterbox!  Lipstik shoes – Good from afar but far from good!

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