Tattoo Removal – An Intro

Now the debacle that is my left ankle started several years ago when I decided to get some dermal anchors.  For those who don’t know what a dermal anchor is, it is a single point piercing where a chunk of your skin is punched out and a small skin anchor placed in the hole.  Your body then heals around the anchor leaving you with a pretty little piercing.  I was absolutely in love with them. 

Unfortunately though, my body and lifestyle did not share the same love and I ripped one out on some gym equipment only a month later and even though I got the hole re-punched (mucho painful!) the anchors were all eventually rejected by my body 9 months later.  All I had left of my pretty little studs were 3 unsightly scars…
So, I decided to get the scars covered up with a tattoo inspired by a beautiful Chinese watercolour painting. 

Unfortunately for me, I got my tattoo while holidaying on the central coast.  Note to ALL, research your artist, review their portfolio and discuss your expectations!! I just wished I had just visited my regular tattooist.  The guy that did my tattoo firstly wasn’t good at drawing, and secondly did not discuss the fact that water colour effect on dark skin would not work very well… As soon as I got the tattoo I hated it.  When I got back to Canberra I even tried to get it fixed up with my local tattooist  twice and though the tattoo is pretty cute up close, from afar I look like a burn victim.

So I have been pondering laser tattoo removal for some time however the results can be varied and the pain intense!  A few months ago Tatts On Tatts Off opened just down the road from my house.  They offer a form of tattoo removal that is applied with a tattoo gun and is touted in reviews to be about 60% more effective than laser, while also being cheaper, quicker and most importantly, less painful!  Please join me on my tattoo removal journey, more posts to come!!

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