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I’m pretty sure I’ve made my love of shoes loud and clear, now here comes a tip on how I take care of my most beloved babies.
A pet peev of mine is when you notice an immaculately dressed lady sitting across from you but then you look down and notice that the soles are completely scuffed, it just throws off the finish to a perfect outfit.  Example A below of Kimmi K…

I often stick a rubber sole on balls of my pumps to prevent slippage and wearing however with pale or coloured soles this is pretty unsightly.  Now let me tell you about Protect Your Pumps.  This product was introduced to me by fellow Canberra blogger and shoe connoisseur Vanisha.  It’s essentially like a thick, clear, adhesive layer that you can stick to the bottom of your soles that are virtually invisible and keep your original sole pristine and even improve the wearability of a slippery sole.

See below for my pretty easy to follow steps:

All you need is a pencil, scissors, the shoes that are to be fitted and Protect Your pumps.
Lay the Protect Your Pumps Adhesive shiny side down, place your shoe on the non-shiny side and trace around it with your pencil. 
Cut around the outline that you have just drawn
Peel the clear adhesive layer away from the backing and stick it to the sole of you shoe.  Depending on your tracing skills you may need to trim the adhesive some more once stuck to the shoe so it does not overhand the soles.
Leather soles, now safe and sound!
Bo boot by Zoe Wittner – on sale here
Protect Your Pumps available at

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