May 2013 through my iPhone

I’m thinking that this kind of post may become a regular addition to my blog.  Not all my photos are worthy of their own post or even FB/Instagram mention so I think I’ll dump them here to help me keep track of those little moments in life that aren’t necessarily monumental but still a treasured memory and marker in time, and all taken or edited on my iPhone I might add!

6th of May – Got to the gym early and decided to do one of my most detested things… take a gym selfie!

6th of May – My husband is a bit of a crazy cat lady.  He ordered this ridiculous handmade lions mane for our cat, all the way from the US.  He was a bit disappointed that the cat didn’t want to wear it.  $50 well spent!

8th May – Lunch time “walky jog” around the lake as my body was too sore to do anything else.  I love the contrast of the autumn leaves against the sky and Jay matches the trees 🙂


10th May – The RPM/Spin rooms makes my sneakers glow in the dark, which makes slacking off near impossible!


12th May – My under desk study companion…

17th May – And even more cat accessories are purchased…

20th May – Winter = Dry hands.  This is my saviour!


20th May – Afternoon sugar rush

22nd May – May favourite nail colour!  Simple and subtle.

23rd May – In the middle of full blown exam cramming… my work space.

23rd May – Comfy study clothes!  #comfortbeforefashion

25th May – Post exam celebrations at Brodburger.  Some celebrate with booze, I celebrate with food!


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