Tight Ass Tuesday – Shark Attack

I like pairing masculine and feminine pieces together.  Like this in-your-face shark attack tee (it may even be a mens tee) and this girly ruffle skirt.  Pairings like this land you somewhere around “sexy tomboy” though the balance between sexy and tomboy is totally in your hands!

And if your shoes are too big or give you blisters why not wear them with some Nanna socks?  Not as ugly as you may think and perfect for those cold Canberra nights.

Outfit Details:
“Shark Attack” t-shirt by Zara – $38.50
Satin ruffle skirt by Valleygirl – $9.95
“Grandma socks” by Sportsgirl – on sale for $4.95
“Luxury” platform pumps by Therapy – $45.95
Sunnies from markets in Thailand – $6
Clutch is a toiletries bag from a Qantas flight!
Jewellery from Diva and Lovisa
Outfit Total = $104.99


And my final tip for this post – consider using your cosmetics or toiletries bag as a clutch, this little colour blocking number was from either Emirates or Qantas (can’t remember) and is totally functional as a purse.

Those with a keen eye may have picked up on the fact that my photos are looking somewhat sharper?  It’s because I got a fabulous new lens which I’m just a tad excited about, a Canon 50mm, f1.4 for those who are interested.  Now to work on graduating from my learner 450D!

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