Nails – Chalk board polish by Ciate

Nail art is getting really advanced these days and via Instagram #nailart I have seen some pretty amazing mini works of art people are creating on their digits.

For those less ambidextrous nail art noobs like myself, we require something a little more pre-packaged.  Trends like matte, crackle, velvet and caviar nails have taken the world by storm and now the latest mani-mania to hit the shelves is Chalkboard nails.

Photo source – Vogue UK

The latest innovation from nail art pioneers Ciate (who incidentally are the brilliance behind caviar and velvet nails) have just released word of their Chalkboard nails.

The kit includes six pieces; a matte black base coat in ‘blackboard’, four chalk pens that wipe off with water and a matte top coat.  It seems to me that Ciate just keep coming up with these wacky nail innovations that are just too irresistible.  Whether it be gimmick or glam, I am a sucker and am on the bandwagon!

Photo source – She Said Beauty

Basically, all you need to do is apply your base coat, have a play with your chalk and then seal it in with the top coat. Oh the possibilities!

It’s not known yet whether this product will be stocked in Australia but that’s what internet shopping is for isn’t it?

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