Fashion – Outfit for Fashfest

I’ve been to many a fashion show but usually as the model and never a guest.  This brings about a whole raft of trivial challenges for a self proclaimed fashion diva – the age old problem of “I’ve got nothing to wear!!”

As a model you have your outfit, hair, makeup planned for you with surgical precision however as a unorganised guest I’m left to fend for myself.  As a good fashion blogger I should have networked with local designers and worn one of their pieces be lets face it, I have been far from organised and extremely time poor.  I am afforded the luxury of blogging today as I have the sniffles and am currently in bed with a box of “man-sized” tissues.  Nothing some heavy makeup won’t cover up tomorrow night hopefully!

So what should one wear to a fashion event?  As a regular guest I would say something chic and classic but as a blogger representing my brand I feel a bit of pressure to up the ante, not just look nice but for better or worse be a stand out.  I’ll readily admit that loud fashion is not my forte and I often prefer to stick to clean lines and classic cuts – structure, order, control, just like my life!  Anyway, somehow between work/study/life I have managed to haphazardly pull together a outfit for the event.  But lets me honest, though it’s great to do some style stalking of fashionable guests the real action happens on the runway.

I’ve got the pervert lens on my SLR with the battery charged and the SD card present.  More often than not I forget one of these crucial photography elements!  I’m pretty pumped to see what Canberra has to offer at Fashfest tomorrow night.  Still some standing room only tickets available from their website!

Here is a sneaky tease at my outfit for tomorrow:

Anyway, not very many useful tips from me in my runny nose induced state however check out my fellow Canberra blogger Vanisha’s Life… in Australia.  She has the perfect post on “What to wear to a fashion show” which has heaps of helpful tips that should help you guys if you are struggling to find something for the big event.

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