Fashion – Monochrome series 3/5 – Striped blouse


I love a bold stripe pattern and this open front striped blouse is no exception.  Stripes are a big statement in any monochrome outfit not to mention appropriate in the office, on weekends and even versatile enough to be part of a party outfit… just don’t make the mistake of walking into Zara in this ensemble as you may get mistaken for a staff member!

Speaking of Zara, I’m loving these embossed 7/8 pants which takes a well fitting trouser to the next level with luxurious embossed floral(?) patterns.

Blouse from eBay store Dtwell – $7.90
Embossed pants by Zara
Lady Daf by Louboutin
Necklace by BVLGARI


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  1. Hey
    I was trying to find the blouse on dtwell store in ebay, wasn't successful. Could you post up the direct link in reply to this comment? Thanks!

  2. Thank you soo much! Love your style x

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