Fashion – The furry cardi

Most of us indulge in comfort food in the colder months but what about comfort clothing?  I get incredibly cold in winter.  I keep a pair of ugg boots under my desk at work and cruise around the house in a double layer of pants at night time.  My Fashion Metre is closely correlated to the thermometer and with each drop in celsius comes a drop in fashion sense where glamour and style are gladly traded for warmth and comfort.  Any item of clothing that checks the warmth box while not making me look like I’m about climb Everest is a highly sought after prize.

I picked up this little fuzzy number from Valleygirl last week and not only is it just a little bit adorable, it keeps me snug as a bug!  A steal for only $19.95!

Furry cropped cardigan by Valleygirl – $19.95
Panel skirt by Sheike
Booties by Lipstik Shoes

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