Shoes – Keep calm and buy more shoes

This week has been absolutely terrible at home. 

Firstly I was reversing out of my driveway earlier this week and my car was set about by a pram wielding junkie (true story!).  I was so startled and so frightened that I slammed on the accelerator… straight into the light pole in front of my house.  Long story short, Junkie continued to yell some unintelligible abuse at me and ran off with her 4 kids in tow.  I must have really stepped on the gas as from a 2 metre distance I manage to ram the pole so hard I had to get towed… the car is a turbo!

Secondly my housemate had a unexpected and devastating breakup with her boyfriend. 

So on Wednesday I called her in tears and on Thursday she called me in tears.  There has been a large amount of wine and Guylian Seashells consumed this week and as hubby is away there is no one to balance the oestrogen charged emotional mood in the house.

So what’s a girl to do when she is so far in the dumps that copious amounts of wine and chocolate don’t help?  Indulge in a spot of shoe shopping that’s what!

Thank you Wittner Mid-Season Sale and FSW for lifting our spirits whilst preserving our credit card limits.  We certainly got some almighty bargains and temporarily forgot about our shitty circumstances.

Clockwise from top left:
My car is fucked shoes Blanca by Wittner $159.95 down to $52.50
I nearly got bashed by a junkie shoes:  Tazmin by Wittner $169.95 down to $52.50
Heartbroken and cried for 8 hours straight shoes: Taria by Wittner $169.95 down to $59.50
I ate too much “break up” chocolate” shoes:  Andrea by Clarice $69.95 down to $19.95 (from FSW)

I love Wittner pumps!

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