Life – Facebook social skills

I have a love hate relationship with Facebook… Love being able to stay connected, hate the ridiculous things people do on there!  Here goes my rant, beware!

Inspirational quotes
It perhaps may give the “sharer” some sense of Ghandi-like wisdom but the truth behind these terribly cliché motivational quotes is that they don’t actually motivate anyone.  They are forgotten as soon as one scrolls down their feed and starts checking the new photos posted by “that hot chick”.

The only thing that these posts do is motivate me to block your status updates.

People are throwing bricks at you because you are annoying

A girl on my feed literally posted “Why don’t I have any true friends“.  Umm, probably because your whinging drove them away.

I for one love a good selfie but please keep your vanity in check!
So you got a new haircut? I don’t need to see it from 16 different angles with a different pout to match each angle. Stop it, stop it now.

Baby Pics
Let’s be frank here, new born babies are hideous, I don’t want to see photos. Even more so I don’t want to see 100 photos within a 12 hour period of it exiting the uterus.

Spelling and grammar
Spelling ain’t your strong point? Just stop embarrassing yourself and stick to Emoji’s in your updates and comments.

Attention seeking
Posts like “Just got the best news EVER“, “Oh my god, I can’t believe that just happened!” are oozing desperation.  No, we are not bursting in suspense, stop trying to elicit a response.

Embarrassing posts
There is a “friend” on my feed who is broke.  I know they are broke because they advertise it via their page.  Once they posted a status asking to borrow money, a few times asking for a lift .  Just because you are a broke ass does not mean you should advertise it.  Hold onto your dignity and catch the damn bus instead!  OR you could try finding a job… just a suggestion.

Facebook Displays of Affection.  “Babes“, “My Man“, “Sexy Wife“, “Love of my life“.  F.D.A is as bad as French kissing in a crowded lift.  It makes everyone uncomfortable and is down right disgusting. 

Gym Updates
Gym check-ins, gym status updates, gym photos.  You are obviously not working out hard enough.  We get it, good for you, you got some exercise in between gym selfies!

End rant!  Do you know what I do love about Facebook?  Cute cat videos!  On that note I leave you with this video of a cat fighting a hair dryer!

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