April Lust List 2013

When I was in Tiffany & Co in Singapore last month I made two fatal mistakes.  One to walk into the store and two, try something on.  Therefore on my lust list this week I have not one but two Tiffany’s items!

The gorgeous “Return to Tiffany™ bead bracelet with mini double-sided heart tag in sterling silver with Tiffany Blue enamel finish.  I didn’t even want a bracelet when walking into the store and now my heart aches from not having it!  Only $205 online at Tiffany & Co available here.

Argh, didn’t want to take it off!

My second Tiffany item is something I’m actually looking for which is the Infinity Ring in sterling silver.  You see I’m terrible with small expensive items… sunnies, electronics, jewellery and I have a huge fear that I’m going to lose my custom made wedding band, it’s absolutely irreplaceable.  I already keep my engagement ring safetly under lock and key and would like to do the same with my wedding band and resort to wearing a sterling silver band instead and I chose this ring as it matches the tattoo on my ring finger.  ALAS, it is sold out in Tiffany’s Australia!!

I saw this Chanel nail polish i-phone case on a random Instagram post and HAD to hunt it down.  Question is, which colour to pick!  There are 54 options!! – Available here for $25

Photo: Glamzelle

It’s getting cold and I’m on the hunt for a staple coat to get me through the winter months and this Sheike Free Spirt Coat is so fitted, elegant, streamlined and perfect, more like a dress than a awkward fitting coat! – $199.00

Now the clear clutch trend it really fun but only practical if carry a phone, designer lipstick, chic sunglasses and perhaps a fancy perfum bottle – Like this neat person below.
Photo:  Opening Ceremony on Tumblr

In reality no one wants to see your tampons, crumpled receipts, snotty tissue, asthma inhaler and god knows what else girls carry in their bags!  That’s why I love the clear clutches by Mnologie as they come with an interior pouch that keeps your belongings a mystery and you can tailor the inner bag to match your outfit. 

Even better they do custom engravings on the aluminium detailing… You can get your initials, your contact details, your favourite poem, “I love One Direction“, whatever you like, no judgements here!

Photo: LeGypsy

Photo: Mnologie

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