Shopping haul – Thailand and Singapore

Uh oh, please don’t tell my husband!  I swear I just blacked out and when I came to my suitcase was 10kgs heavier!  Ok ok, I won’t lie, I got a bit excited with the shopping but I’ve been planning and saving for this for the last 6 months!  So want to see what I bought, prepare yourself, here goes!

9 random singlets ranging between $4 and $6 each.  I think I’m set for the gym!

Havianna “inspired” thongs – this should cover me for summer until 2020!

“designer” inspired scarves!

Did someone say accessories?


Cosmetics:  I went a bit nuts at duty free…
…and again at the organic coconut oil stand in Phuket!  I’ve been using it as a hair mask, moisturiser and cooking oil!  Love it!
H&M: green leopard print scarf, black skinny jeans, khaki and leather shift dress, over-priced flanney

Forever 21: black skinny pants, black and white blouse, polka dot shirt dress, neon pink scarf

Zara: White blazer, shark attack t-shirt, gold hee sandals

All my goodies!

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