Life – The Asian Squat

 I was sitting on my feet, on my chair at work the other day because they were cold when a colleague of mine came running up asking where my feet had disappeared to. He was fascinated at my flexibility in pretzelling my legs so neatly under myself.

I explained to him that though he may think I’m flexible I am still not as flexible as most Asians as I can’t do the Asian Squat.

…Silence followed by awkward look on his face… He had no idea what I was talking about! A Googling session soon ensued to educate my work mates on the art of an Asian Squat!

Disclaimer, I sourced most of this from Johnny Sideburns blog, it was truly insightful and hilarious!

If you ever go to Asia, the Asian Squat is something you will see very often. Why? Because it is an art perfected by us Asians. If you’re Asian and you cannot Asian Squat…well, you’re not really Asian then are you? There is no training, we can just do it from birth. Just ask the kid below.


But you can learn this artful squat even if you’re not Asian. In fact, I will teach you how to do a proper Asian Squat today. Ready?
Step 1: Squat down.
Step 2: Heel must be touching the ground.

That is it. The world’s simplest and most difficult squat to do.

There are two main things you could do with your arms: Fold them or have your elbows on the knees
You can hold the following items in your hand:

A phone…because Asians invented mobile phones

A cigarette…even if you don’t smoke, you can just hold one.

Food – Asians are really fat people in a little mans body

Reading materials

Camera… because Asians love photographing the world. And felines.
The following are not considered Asian squatting:

Cheating, heels are completely off the ground!

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