Fashion – Zara Canberra

While I was overseas something spectacular happened back home, ZARA CANBERRA OPENED!

Now I won’t lie, I didn’t get my hopes up for Zara Canberra as the Sydney store is so atrociously stocked and shopping there is about as enjoyable as a pap smear.  I expected over-crowding and only the most basic and on trend items to be available to Canberrans.  Alas, though I had my grumpy pants on when I entered Zara last Friday my mind was very quickly blown.  Can you believe Zara Canberra is on par with most of the international Zara stores I have visited??  And that’s saying something as I was only last week in Zara Singapore yet still managed to walk away with a bag of goodies.

Zara was bright, busy yet easily navigated, spotlessly clean and even the staff were all impeccably dressed in bold stripe shirts and tailored blazers.  Even the prices were comparible to stores overseas.  But above every other impressive aspect of Zara were their selection of clothes!

The styles on offer are not just the regular on trend pieces you see everywhere but also really edgy pieces for the fashion risk-taker which is so exciting.  Denim jackets which fur collars, full paisley suits, oriental print sweat shirts, over the top embellished boots.  This is what Canberra needs more of!  Most items appear to be from Zara’s Trafaluc collection which is considered to be aimed at a younger market and is more affordable.

The store is huge and caters for women, men and very trendy children.  I cannot be more impressed and I think I will need to avoid this part of the Canberra Centre while on lunch breaks as I can see Zara and my Mastercard will become very fond of each other very quickly!!


So from my first visit to Zara Canberra I’ve already picked up the following:

Burgundy balloon sleeved shift dress – $89.95
Suede stud booties – $119.00
Lace panel pencil skirt – $59.95
Faux leather fishtail skirt – $89.95

Officially on shopping lock down until end of financial year!!


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