Fashion – Eye of the Tiger

Happy Easter everyone!  I took a break from being couped up in my study working on my uni assignment to venture out this morning for a spot of brunch and what a fabulous Autumn day it was.  Cool not cold and bright blue skies and plenty of sunshine, has it really been that long since I’ve been outside? Sure feels like it!
We stopped by the Lyneham Motor Inn on the way home to take some photos.  I’ve always been intrigued by this place, it’s so retro and mysterious with a long abondoned look about it.  The signs are rusted and tangled with cobweb and the windows are shuttered with vinyl blinds from the 70’s.  This is what I love most about writing my blog… exploring a cool locations, donning a fun outfit and going nuts with photos.  I wish I had more time so that every post could be like this but alas, real life often gets in the way.
So, it turns out that the Motor Inn is still in full use and had a number of guests staying there, who would have thought!  Hubby reckons they are all serial killers so we didn’t hang around too long.
The Location

Outfit of the Day
“Welcome to the Motel California”

Outfit Details today:
Sleeveless collared shirt by Kmart
Bardot Distressed straight leg jeans – thrifted and self ripped
Orange Suede Satchel by Mango Touch
Bracelets by Diva
Nail Ring soon to be stocked by Happy Schnapper Store
Diva Toe Ring worn as a half finger cuff
Sunglasses from markets in Thailand

Arm swag and details

Sun, could it really be you?!

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