Travel – Attention to detail!

So to give you a bit of insight into how I plan a holiday let me start with this… I PLAN EVERYTHING!!

There are few things in life that irk me as much as wasting time.  Now when you squash yourself up and stuff yourself into a plane to travel thousands of kilometres my hate of wasting time is magnified ten fold.  For me a plan means a holiday for my brain.  It means I get to enjoy myself, see all that I want to see, go to all the places that I need to go, eat all the delicacies I want to eat and I don’t have to make a single decision along the way!  I can switch my brain off and go into cruise control – bliss! 

Now I have friends that are the care-free traveller types.  Jump on a plane and figure out what that do once they land.  That’s nice and all if you have plenty of time however having a full time job means I usually only take a 2-3 week international holiday a year and jam pack as much as I can into that time.

Yes, I realise I’m a bit of a weirdo and may take things too far but efficiency is my mantra.
So want to see some examples of me holiday planning?  Don’t judge me, I like to be organised!!

The itinerary:

Yes I have scheduled in a snack!  What of it?  I have fast metabolism and need to eat regularly.  Also, I need to make sure I hit all the must eat places.  God forbid I miss out on eating a signature dish!!

Nap time, crucial on any holiday!  Let’s make time for a good ol’ siesta!

The packing list:

Yes, I pack by picking out outfits for specific activities.  This ensures I have a pretty pre-picked outfit and minimises unnecessary items, thus maximising space for shopping.  A friend of mine once asked for a copy of my list to help her pack and I had actually specified how many briefs and g-strings I was taking!

The shopping map:
FAIL TO PLAN then PLAN TO FAIL!  When overseas you will be spoilt for shopping choice… if you shop in the right place.  Some holiday destinations I visit for the sole purpose of shopping.  If this is the case I pick my target shopping mall, have a look at their store directory, map out a plan of attack and BOOM, I walk away a winner 🙂

The shopping list:

I have particular stores that I must visit when overseas.  Some of my favourites include Zara (Australian store sucks), H&M, Niichi, Sephora…  I sometimes make a list of key pieces I am looking for to guide me on my way and ensure I don’t miss anything!

There you have it folks, you either think I am a travel genius or an absolute nut job (probably the latter).  Anyway, I hope it gave you some travel planning inspiration at the very least 🙂  

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