Tight Ass Tuesday – Double Denim

You read it folks, DOUBLE DENIM!

This post is inspired by a dear work colleague, lets call him Coolio.
Coolio decided it would be great to wear double denim to work last Casual Friday however it was not so well received. By 10am he told me that he had around 15 negative comments about his ensemble and by around 10:30am he gave into peer pressure and took off his denim shirt.  Apparently I was the ONLY person that liked his outfit that day.  Surely not?  Maybe because I am drawn towards fashion that pushes the boundaries or I love that Coolio was brave enough to break the double denim rule.  I think it’s a rare quality to find a man that will experiment with colour and texture so let’s not bash on Coolio’s faux pas, let’s celebrate that he is taking a giant leap for the brotherhood!


So, some tips for those who want to rock the double denim:

  • Break up the denim – You don’t want to look like you are in a denim suit or onesie.  Break it up with a different coloured accessories, a t-shirt or contrasting denims
  • Wear a modern cut – Most people shy away from double denim as they get images in their heads such as the terrible yet hilarious ones below.  A modern shape such as skinny jeans, fitted shirt, high waisted shorts will make the look relevant
  • Keep it simple – Keep embellishments, patches, bling etc to an absolute minimum.  Avoid tassles and cowboy boots!  You don’t want to look like you are wearing a Texan tuxedo.
Photos source from The Cake Mistress and The Colleage Fashion
Lastly, to throw my support behind Coolio’s bravery and prove that double denim just a little bit awesome, I dedicate today’s Tight Ass Tuesday to you!
Chambray shirt by Valleygirl – $19.95
Jeans by Bettina Liano – thrifted for around $20
Cord and Metal Detailed Collar in navy and gold by Diva – on sale for $8.00
Stud belt from boutique in Parramatta – $14.95
Luxury pumps in Grape by Therapy – $45.99 from FSW – available here
Burgandy leather vintage clutch – $5 thrifted from Salvos
Outfit total =  $113.89 (slightly over the $100 goal)


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