Life – Australia Day 2013

Inspired and reminded by blogger Fashioncontainer who recently posted about her camping holiday, I thought I’d better get my act together and do the same.

Fashioncontainer’s post shares beautiful outfits, stunning hair and makeup, designer swimwear… I cannot believe that this girl went on a camping holiday!!  Unfortunately I cannot share any such prettiness with you.  I have been called a fashionista several times in my life but all that goes out the window when residing in a tent.  My fashion evolution regresses to:

Hair: braided… the tighter the better so it does not require brushing or re-braiding
Makeup: nil
Top: Mostly a flannie, sometimes a sexy one size fits all Bintang number from Bali
Bottoms: Optional
Shoes: $2 Aussie flag thongs from Coles
Bag:  Esky

No, definatley no outfit of the day posts from me!

I do however absolutely love camping.  I look forward to Australia Day ALL year.  It’s one of the only holidays that I go one that I can truly just do nothing.  When I go on overseas holidays I squeeze as much in as possible and come home more exhausted than I left.  When I get time off at home over Easter or Christmas I spend my time doing chores and odd jobs around the home.  When we go on our Australia Day camping trip there is limited access to media and telephone reception and you are literally forced to read a book, have a nap, go for a walk or a swim down at the beach with little other distractions.  I absolutely love it.

Unfortunatley this year I got a bit lazy with the photography however here are a few happy schnapps from my weekend.

Beautiful North Durras Lake

Shade while bushwalking

Some mossy trees along our bushwalk


City slickers becoming one with nature


Welcome to the Australian bush!!  This guy dropped in (literally) on our campfire fun.

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