Food – Tetsuya’s in Sydney

For our 3 year anniversary, hubby and I drove up to Sydney to experience the gastronomic delights of one of Australia’s best restaurants Tetsuya’s.

Now after this little experience it’s safe to say that I will NEVER be a food blogger.  Firstly my food related adjectives are limited to “yum”, “delicious”, “good”, “wow”.  Secondly, I become too excited about the food and forget to take photos and notes.  Thirdly, when I do remember to take a photo I get too embarrassed and try take a sneaky shot.  The photo is more often than not out of focus.  Fourthly, if wine pairings are involved I get a little bit sloppy.

Before I start I will concur that Tetsuya’s is one of the best restaurant I’ve ever dined at.  It was yum, delicious and wow rolled into one.  We got a gorgeous little table that faced directly into the Japanese garden, the service and sommelier were absolutely impeccable.  The meal involved 11 courses, most with wine pairings so needless to say that at the end of the meal I was a bit shit-faced *classy*. 

The wines that were selected were perfect.  The sake was smooth and the chardonnay was delicate and fruity – I normally dislike both these things.  The food was so intricate.  Each plate contained so many components and flavours.  You could eat from one side of the plate and experience one thing and eat from the opposite side and get a whole raft of different flavours.  Things that I don’t usually love such as caviar suddenly became big eye openers.

Our host found out it was our anniversary and brought out a chocolate fondant complete with candle, took us for a quick peek into the kitchen (surgical precision and cleanliness) and even printed us out a copy of our menu complete with date and sweet little anniversary message – too bad I was so drunk I lost it on the way home!  Anyway, here are some out of focus pics of our wonderful experience.

Why such a dreary day Sydney?

Dinner outfit – Wearing Asos dress and Lipstik heels
4 out of the 11 courses we attempted.  These were some of my favourites
Clockwise from top left: Tasmanian Oysters in Tetsuya’s signature vinaigrette and finger limes
Lime and Mint Sorbet
Salad of marinated big eye tuna with daikon and rocket
Signature dish – Confit of Petuna Ocean Trout with Fennel Unpasteurised Ocean Trout Caviar
View from our table, perfect!

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