Fashion – i-Phonography and sunset pastels

My girlfriends always look great but I especially love it when they put together an outfit that is a little left of centre.  When this happens I get a little excited and insist on taking photos to share with my readers! 

This is exactly what happened the other day when I picked up my friend Cat for a mid-week evening ice-cream fix.  I had finished cooking and cleaning so I was in some sloppy ensemble and Cat jumps into the car looking absolutely amazing!!  Unfortunately I didn’t have a camera on me however I proceeded to force Cat into an impromptu i-Phonography session.  The quality of photos that come out of a camera phone these days continues to blow my mind.  These photos came up amazingly sharp with only very slight colour balance editing done!

Cat’s Outfit
Shirt – Topshop
Shorts – ASOS
Sandals – Guess
Ring – H&M
Watch – Vintage Seiko men’s watch (courtesy of Cat’s dad)
Hair style – THE Hairdressing

H&M owl ring and vintage mens Seiko watch

Cat’s face if very delicate and narrow and her fabulous new haircut frames it perfectly.  For someone like me who has a really round face, this type of high fashion style is not an option (sad face).

Cat also has very fair skin so the pastel and floral outfit she put together really compliments her complexion.  A perfect example of dressing for you rather than the common mistake of trying to dress to a particular trend.

Like me, Cat is also an avid Instagrammer with a focus on seeing the beauty in everyday objects.  You can follow her @missmoppetflash

Cat’s new hairdo curtesy of THE Hairdressing



Watching the sunset over Lake Yerribi

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