Fashion – Faking it

Now I’m going to tread lightly on this one as I know it is a topic near and dear to every fashionista’s heart; buying fake designer goods.  Do you fake it?

I’m writing about this subject as in a few weeks I will be travelling to Thailand and I am going to freely admit I will be purchasing some Tiffany’s bracelets, Mont Blanc pens, LV belts and oh, maybe a Miu Miu bag if it takes my fancy.  Most of these purchases will come in the form of the street merchant variaty.  Are my readers disgusted at me?

Being of the fairer sex, I’m going to divulge some not so well-kept secrets.  Girls ALWAYS fake it.  Think about the process of prepping for a night out – fake tan, fake lashes, chicken fillets, Bridget Jones control panties, clip in hair, stick on nails, war paint (makeup), high heels, coloured contacts and the list goes on!  We do all these ridiculous things to enhance what we have to work with.  Is it so wrong to fake fashion to compensate for what we can’t afford?  To me I think indulging in fakes is ok if you do so in moderation and don’t forget, the regular rules of looking for a quality product still do apply.  No use having Gucci bag if it’s made from plastic and the stitching is coming undone!  The odd fake trinkett here and there is ok in my book and I will usually camoflage it in with my regular wardrobe so it’s less ostentatious and obvious!

From another perspective Designer labels have invested heavily in marketing, design and trademarking their products and have worked hard for the price tags that accompany their goods.  There are many who think that buying fakes is absolute blasphemy but in most cases I find that it’s the same people who forked out $10k+ on their Birkin Bag.  If that were me, I would also be pissed that I sunk that much money into a handbag when the girl next to me has the same birkin from Thailand for $50! 

Whether you fake it or not, I don’t really care.  If you are against fakes then save your pennies and buy yourself something nice, if you buy fakes then go nuts and don’t forget to haggle.  Either way, it’s a personal choice and I promise not to judge if you’ll offer me the same courtesy.

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