Fashion – Back to uni in Houndstooth

Last week I started my first week of formal education since I completed my undergrad 7 years ago.  People have been asking me what it’s like to be back at school and it’s good and bad.


  • I am totally the richest student on campus.  I can actually buy my textbooks without having to ask my parents for money or forgoing my petrol money!  God bless having a salary!
  • Cheap booze – on my orientation day I got invited to a foam party, at Academy Nightclub, on a Thursday night, with $3 Jager bombs… unfortunately that boat sailed on me a decade earlier.
  • Flexing my brain muscle.  It’s exciting to be in a learning environment again and feels good to be super nerdy and sitting up the front asking questions rather than making out with my BF up the back row.  Progress!


  • I don’t deal well with stress and can already feel panic setting in whenever I think about juggling a full time job, family and friendship commitments, gym regime, blog as well as uni assignments!
  • Loss of basic academic skills.  I didn’t realise this at first but I’ve forgotten many a vital skill such as essay writing and even how to use a library!  Like riding a bike right?
  • I can’t wear heels on campus, too much gravel.

This is my “first day of uni” outfit that has to take me from work to school:

Short sleeved cardigan by SES
Houndstooth Tuxedo jeans by Hot Options (Target) – available here, only $49!
Tania heels by Wittner – available here
Lucid worker laptop bag by Mimco – available here

Black and white

Photobombed by the cat

Details.  Can’t pick a necklace to wear?  Why not both?

We are likely to see a lot more houndstooth print and it’s bigger sister harlequin print entering stores over the cooler months.  Personally this type of print reminds me a lot of a David Jones bag and should be worn very carefully with block colours and classic cuts.

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