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As an Asian girl growing up in Australia I often wished that my eyes were bigger and bluer, that my hair was curly and I had longer lashes and a thinner nose.  And trust me, I’ve gone there.  Blue contacts, false lashes, contouring makeup and loads of eyeliner.  I have Asian girlfriends that have gone so far as taping their upper eye lids to give them the appearance of the eye lid fold, shaved off their eye brows just to draw them back on in a different shape and even gotten permanent eyeliner tattooed.  Through my experience as an Asian model working in Western society, I often felt that my “Asian-ness” was a drawback rather than an asset.  Make up was often applied to cover or alter my features rather than enhance. 

Example A – I look like a drag queen!! 
This is from a photo shoot I did very early on in my modelling career.  The makeup “artist” unfortunately did not understand how to work with an Asian face and this was the result.  I wasn’t able to use any images from this shoot for my portfolio as I was unrecognisable.

Mary Li is a Canberra based makeup artists and I stumbled across this particular blog post last week which really caught my eye and I just HAD to share.  Her article focuses on not using makeup to mask your origins but to embrace them.  Her model is a very pretty girl with typical Asian features.  Mary shares her techniques on how to highlight the beauty of an Asian face without altering it’s characteristics!  See the gorgeous results below:

Yileen’s before and after. All photos were taken under the exact same light setting and were 100% UN-RETOUCHED to honestly reflect the makeup. Photos by Geoff Jones, makeup by Mary Li
I wish Mary was around in my awkward teenage years to tell me that less is sometimes more.  I can’t wait to see what Mary came up with for Yileen’s evening look!

Full details of Mary’s blog post are located here

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