Tight Ass Tuesday – Wedding Edition

Ah weddings, not only a magical celebration of a couples life long love for one another but also a major fashion event.  We all want to look our best when a million photographs are being taken to be kept in the wedding album of the happy couple forever!  You need to pick carefully but not necessarily by leading with your purse.
Today’s Tight Ass Tuesday was inspired by the wedding of my old housemates who tied the knot last weekend in the scorching heat.  When it’s that hot I like to avoid block colours, tight fitting items, heavy makeup, sleeves… choices become very limited!  Despite my dress being from such a super budget shop I think it looks far from cheap and looks great against dark skin not to mention it had maximum ventilation to keep me cool.
Dress by Valleygirl – $39.95
Gold Satin heels by Verali – $24.95 purchased from BrandsExclusive
Bracelets by Diva – $5
Outfit Total = $69.90

AND, what is a wedding without a handsome groom and a stunning bride!  Congratulations Mr and Mrs Stippa!

Photo credits – Kelly Tunny

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