The Girl Code

And following on from my last topic of shoes let me ask the question, is it ok to buy the same pair of shoes as one of your close friends? My answer is no, it’s simply the unspoken Girl Code, a animalistic sisterhood understanding.   Yeah?

When a close girlfriend of mine bought my favourite pair of shoes the other day I was a bit taken a back. In my mind I was thinking “THE CODE!” however it suddenly occurred to me, am I the only one who follows the code? I often find my self thinking “damn I love that top so much on her and now I can’t buy it” but am I the only one doing this? Should I be thinking instead “damn I love that top so much on her I’m going go get myself one too”, it feels quite natural now that I say it out loud.

This weekend I surveyed a few girlfriends (and one guy) to seek their thoughts on the matter and was very interested to find their responses. 

A friend of mine Kay who shares my love for Sheike outfits is of an “if I like it I buy it” type attitude and doesn’t really care who else has it.  I’ve politely asked her previously not to buy a particular dress as I already own it and she likes to ignore me and buy it anyway!  Though that frustrates the hell of me her strong sense of self and independence does bring a smile to my face.  We are yet to show up to the same function in the same dress 😛  Having said that, Kay herself does abide by the code to a certain extent.

When asked the question most girls umm-ed and ahh-ed and found it quite difficult to answer.  On the one hand, girls absolutely hate it when other people have the same outfit as them, don’t even try to deny it!  On the other hand, we have all coveted another girls outfit so much that we have been driven to copy, don’t deny that one either!  So does the Girl Code exist?  From my research the answer is yes *with many a caveat:

  1. Ask permission before the purchase
  2. Degrees of separation – Do not buy similar items to someone you see on a regular basis.  Eg: The work colleague you sit next to is a no no.  Yes, you can buy the same thing as a friend of a friend that you see a handful of times a year.
  3. The Uniqueness test – if the item is unique, expensive, not readily available, limited edition then do not buy.  If you are just buying staples such as black pumps, skinny jeans, denim shorts then the Code is waived.

Who ever thought that this topic would be so complex!

The funny thing is I asked a guy the same question and he actually found the question much easier than any of his female counter parts.  From a male perspective they don’t care if a mate buys the same thing “just make sure you don’t wear it at the same time, ’cause that would be gay”. 
Ah, men, so simple!

At the end of the day fashion is meant to be copied, but make it your own, put your own stamp on your style and remember, always take into consideration the Code and it’s many caveats! 

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