2013 New Year Resolutions

Everyone has been asking me lately what my resolutions for 2013 will be and to be honest, I am actually that happy in life that I don’t really have any obvious ones that I can think of…  However, I do believe that setting achievable and measurable goals for oneself is a great way to continue striving for more and it was great re-visiting my 2012 resolutions and ticking off the ones I managed to complete.  With such a busy schedule it is also very important to me to keep my creative side motivated.  So here goes, my (realistic) resolutions for 2013!

1. Plan and book a South American holiday!
In 2013 I will be turning 30 and realistically the years of doing whatever the hell I want are limited.  There are some places that I can imagine travelling with children such as Bora Bora, Hawaii, Europe.  There is absolutely no scenario in my mind that I could see myself climbing Machu Picchu with a baby strapped to my back, playing beach volleyball with my kids in a tiny thong in Rio, or calming a screaming child on the long bus ride to Bolivia!  Better tick this one off the “Must Do Before Popping One Out” list!

Machu Picchu

2.  Become a better cook
I’ve already come leaps and bounds since meeting my husband where previously my repertoire was spag bol, crispy chicken tenders (extra crispy!) and rissoles.  Having said that I’d love to continue trying out new dishes and flavours, especially recipes with a focus on clean eating!  I’ll have to post photos through out the year to keep you abreast of my kitchen misadventures!

3.  Organise my spare room/wardrobe overflow catchment
We have a room in our house entitled “The eBay Room”.  This is where I store all my clothing that are too good to give away yet will no longer be worn.  This room is a disaster, just check out the photos below, argh!  Stuff piled on the bed, cupboards stuffed to the roof with half my shoe collection and chaos everywhere, just being in that room gives me anxiety!  My goal this year is to do a few trips to Ikea and get this junk organised and hidden from view and turn this room back into the guest bedroom it was always supposed to be!

4.  Eat something I grew myself!
Continuing on from Resolution number 2 I’d like to be able to grow some of my own produce for cooking.  Especially herbs as it is a killer buying a whole bunch of parsley just to use a sprig and throw the rest out.  I currently have a parsley plant on my window sill however it’s pretty pathetic and will really only suffice for one meal! 

5.  Read 10 books
I have a friend who read 100+ books last year!  That’s almost a book once every 3 days!!  10 books seems like a rather meagre goal but I’m terribly time poor these days.  With an average of 15 waking hours on a week day, 9 of those consumed by work, 1.5 consumed by gym, 2 by cooking and cleaning, that leaves a remaining 1.5 hours for leisure!  Not to mention that I’ll be studying a Masters degree this year.  When put like that I think 10 books is going to be a challenge, especially as I’m part way through Game of Thrones which happens to be like reading an encyclopedia…

6.  Print, frame and hang some of my photographs
I take 1000’s of photos each year and where do they go?  On the hard drive of my computer, FB, Blog, Instagram… I want to actually get some of my favourites printed this year and put them up somewhere that really matters, my home 🙂

7.  Take on 3 small DIY/craft projects
Nothing over the top.  Perhaps knit a scarf, make some jewellery or paint a picture!  Nothing is more satisfying than saying “I made that myself” and have people blink at you like you’re are a shiny superhero, haha.


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