Nails – OPI and China Glaze online sale haul

I’m a subscriber to many an online discount shopping store and my inbox and phone are under a constant barrage of promo emails.

Recently I got a bit carried away when brandsExclusive and buyinvite had sales on OPI and China Glaze nail polishes.  See results of my shopping frenzy below, I’m a bit ashamed!

Top row China Glaze L-R: 863 Light As Air, 867 Re-Fresh Min, 868 Peachy Keen, 1121 Dress Me Up, 696 Devotion, 1168 Deviantly Daring, 721 Custom Kicks, 1090 Sun-Kissed.
Bottom Row O.P.I L-R: French Quarter for your Thoughts, Malaysian Mist, Ridge Filler (bottom coat), Need Sunglasses?, Hearts & Tarts

Considering the OPI’s were $11.00 per bottle (RRP $19.95) and the China Glaze were only $7.00 per bottle (RRP approx $10+) I think I did ok! 

The only thing with buying polishes online is that it is a bit of a hit and miss as to what they look like in real life.

I was super excited about CG’s Deviantly Daring colour as it looked like a futuristic harlequin green/silver/blue however once applied it was a flat metallic turquoise.  CG make a lovely polish but turquoise and metallics are not my cup of tea and I think the look is rather dated.  Other than that look out for pics of new mani’s to come as I play my way through each bottle 🙂


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