My pick Canberra Centre sales & my haul

Ahhh, I’ve just returned from a peaceful day at the Boxing Day sales.  Peaceful you say?  The Canberra Centre was absolutely dead today!  Leaving me free to swam around as I pleased and occupy the change room for as long as I like!  Bliss!  I feel sorry for the suckers who went in yesterday’s sea of consumers!  Here are the best deals that I saw and also my haul for the day.  I’m officially now under house arrest and not spending anymore money until next year (that’s only a few days!).

Bardot – Shop J6.8, Upper Floor
A large range of items have been placed on the sale racks and their prices range from $20 – $90.  I made some questionable purchases however am convinced I can pull them off.  I haven’t worn a crop top since I was 14 but will hit the gym hard to rock this little tangerine number!!  The Prim Crop was $59.95 down to $40 and the Audrey Crop High Waisted jeans was $129.95 down to $50.
Total savings at Bardot = $99.90

French Connection – Shop P5.1, Upper Floor
They were offering an additional 20% off sale items which made for some truly cheap buys.  They had a number of men’s items on sale however not too much in the way of women’s wear.  I did manage to find a winner in this Monique Stretch Mini Skirt with neon zipper detailing.  Was $99.95 down to $23.96.
Total saving at FCUK = $75.99

Lululemon Athletica – Shop Q7, Upper Floor
I have been a big fan of the Canadian sport luxe label for years and was so excited to hear that lil ol’ Canberra was getting a store of it’s very own.  Lululemon is by no means cheap but when it comes to gym wear I don’t skimp.  I may be pretty damn frugal when it comes to most things however as a gym junkie my active wear gets quite a beating and is washed regularly so it needs to stand up to the punishment.  Not to mention there is no need to look crappy just because you’re working out 😉

Now the Lulu sale was quite limited in terms of range however they still had a number of quality pieces available.  I picked up the Pace-Setter tights which were $109 down to $69, the Inspire II tights were $119 down to $69 and the Speed Quad shorts which were $75 down to $49.
Total saving at Lululemon = $116

Globalize – Shop Q20.2, Ground Floor
These guys have an amazing storewide sale with all items discounted up to 80%.  For those young hip things out there, they stock a large range of festival and summer wear and for the guys there are some huge discounts on mens jeans.  I picked up this pair of Brothel Creepers* by Uncut for only $30, down from $60.
Brothel Creepers
~ Noun
A soft flexible shoe, generally made from canvas or fabric, with a rubber sole to assist in navigating around a brothel undetected.

Total savings at Globalize = $30

Diva – Shop J6.5, Upper Floor
This is hands down my favourite Boxing Day sale and I look forward to it each year!  I have a process where I start by getting a basket from a shop assistant then proceed to make my way slowly from one side of the store to the other then back again.  This process takes about 45 minutes and I will buy all the jewellery I need for the next year in one fell swoop!  I love it!  Diva are offering all sale stock at $8 or under and this applies to almost half of their stock, I’m like a kid in a candy store!  So what did I pick up and how much did I save? I clearly have a thing for spikes and chains, must be all the Fifty Shades of Grey I read early this year!

Necklaces (Clockwise from top left):

  1. Chunky Chain Short Collar in dark titanium- $14.99 down to $6.00
  2. Chunky Gold Chain Link Necklace – $14.99 down to $6.00
  3. Pastel Enamel Chunky Necklace in lavender – $16.99 down to $6.00
  4. Cord and Metal Detailed Collar in navy and gold – $24.99 down to $8.00
  5. Red Enamel Square Collar – $29.95 down to $8.00

Bracelets (L – R, T-B)

  1. Brown Chain Wrapped Cuff – $14.99 down to $6.00
  2. Brown Skull and Wood set of 4 stretch bracelets – $19.95 down to $8.00
  3. White Oval Links Cuff – $9.99 down to $6.00
  4. Chunky Wrist Chain in rose gold – $9.99
  5. Studded Leather Wristband in lime – $12.99 down to $6.00
  6. Chunky Wrist Chain in gold – free!  Shop assistant must of accidentally bundled this into my shopping.
  7. Basic Spike Stretch bracelet in tortoise – $9.99 down to $6.00
  8. Rhodium Thin Double Cuff set – $9.99 down to $6.00
  9. Brown Bronze Cuff – $14.99 down to $6.00
  10. Brown Double Wrap Buckle Cuff – $14.99 down to $6.00

Total saving at Diva = $122

Lovisa – Shop I6.7, Upper Floor
Diva’s older and fancier sister! I prefer Diva for bargain prices however Lovisa also had some lovely pieces with up to 70% off selected items.

Clockwise from top left:

  1. Two Arrows Facing ring – $7.99 down to $3.00
  2. Single Tribal Stretch Bracelet in wood – $9.99 down to $5.00
  3. Spike Plate Necklace – $22.99 down to $9.00
  4. Gold hair clip – $6.99 down to $3.00
  5. Triangle Point Studs in silver – $6.99 down to $3.00
  6. Mesh Knot Studs in dark rose gold – $9.99 down to $5.00
  7. Spike and Pyramid Stretch Bracelet in pearl – $12.99 down to $5.00

Total saving at Lovisa = $45.00

So how did I do?  Well today I saved a total of $488.89 of regular retail price, I practically made money!  There were a number of other sales that I saw that are worth a mention:

Seduce – They had 30% – 50% of selected items however this seemed to include around half the stock in the store.  Perfect for formals, weddings or those special occasions.

Guess – They had 50% of STOREWIDE!  This includes their range of shoes and bags.

Jay Jays – Have a large rant of sale stock for $10 and under.  This included multiple shade of colour block skinny jeans!


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