December photo a day challenge: Day 6-10

Still going strong!

Day 6
From where you live/your country: Take a photo of something from your country – a flag, something unique, a traditional dish, or something a little bit more common.
What greater Australian icon than a beer… in a stubby holder… in the shape of a Metre Maid?

Stars: Take a photo of the stars at night, or stars you see around the place during the day.

Party like a rock star!

Day 8
Someone you love: At this time of year we’re often catching up with loved ones. Take a photo of someone you love. If you’re not seeing a loved one today – take a photo of a photo – or get creative.

Up close and personal with my husband

Day 9
Out + about: Whatever you do today, take a photo while you’re doing it.

Out and about with the birthday boy – photo booth shenanigans

10. Under:
Take a photo of something {anything!} under something. 

A symptom of the previous photo… HangUNDER, UNDER the weather, I am not coming out from UNDER this doona.

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