December photo a day challenge: Day 16-20

Day 16
Something you made: Perhaps it’s just some toast, or something more extravagant. Shoot it.

My DIY nail polish rack!  Can’t believe I filled it already!!  Details on how to make this here.


Day 17
On the floor: Look down and shoot something on the ground.

A freshly vaccumed bedroom floor inspires the downward dog in me!  Namaste!


Day 18.
Makes you feel merry: What’s making you happy today? Shoot it.

The fact that I don’t have to work for a full 12 days after this Friday makes me very merry indeed!


Day 19
Something beginning with ‘s’: Find something beginning with S and shoot it.

Sssmall Ssslice of my Ssshoe Sssituation!


Day 20
Weather: In some parts of the world it will be snowing, in others it will be REALLY hot. Share a photo that represents the weather where you are.

A hot sunny day in Canberra!  I took this photo in the even at our local pond and managed to catch the flare of the setting sun.

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