2012, a year in review

With the year drawing to a close it’s often a time to reflect on the year that has just been.  2013 has been an incredibly busy one and has seen the creation of this blog which was in fact a New Years Resolution to get this off the ground!  Looking back at my very first Post – Popping the Blog Cherry, how have I faired in my 2012 resolutions?

1.  Project 52 – one photo a week spanning 2012 (This is a lie as my original
resolution was Project 365 however I broke this on the 2nd by neglecting to even
touch my camera…details.)

FAIL!  This did not last even past the half way mark… It was just WAY too hard to come up with my own photo topic each week and sadly I gave up 🙁  I hate failing however if I had my time over I’d definatley fail again!  Haha. 
Having said that I did produce a whole bunch of photographs that I’m very proud of and my Happy Schnapper ways have no means diminished even though I didn’t get this particular project over the line.  Here are some of my favourite photos from the year…

Clockwise from top left: Week 5, Week 6, Week 16, Week 23

2. Travel to Borneo – I plan to hike the jungles of Borneo to visit some
orangutan rehabilitation facilities. Hubby may take some convincing as physical
exertion is involved.

PASS!  Though I didnt’ really go to Borneo I’m not calling this a failure as I did travel all AROUND Borneo!  Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Vietnam, Burma, Laos…  Travelling this year has been extreme and between hubby and I we have taken a total of 64 flights!  Burma was a definate highlight and definately satisfied the travel bug in me!

Burma in photos

3. Plant a vege garden – Already regretting this one. What is the opposite of
a green thumb? Thumb of Death?

PASS!  Ok, this hasn’t happened YET but as we speak we have some raised garden beds on back order for delivery early in the new year.  Our garden has been weeded and prepped for the installation of these bad boys so I say better late then never!

4.  Buy a pair of insanely overpriced luxury designer shoes
PASS!  Thanks to my hubby who spoilt me with Christian Louboutins this year.  So do designer shoes bring a greater level of delight than regular shoes?  No, all shoes bring me joy, I don’t discriminate!  Haha.

Christian Louboutin Lady Daf

5.  Start a blog
HELLS YES I PASS!  With 120 posts  I’ve managed to keep this post alive all year!  I want to thank all my readers for keeping me going, especially my friends and colleagues for all your encouraging words.  When I start doubting myself and wondering if anyone really cares about “what I wore” or my views on clashing prints, these words of encouragement have been a huge support.  I set out not knowing what my blog would even be about but I’ve started finding my feet and next steps will be towards greater marketing, increasing reader base and hopefully the addition of a shop.  We’ll see 🙂

Happy New Year Schnappers.  It’s been unreal and THANK YOU for coming along for the ride.

Happy Schnapper

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