Travel – Bali

Ok, I’ll come right out and say it.  I didn’t really like Bali, how un-Australian of me!

It may have been compounded by the fact that I visited hospital 3 times while I was there.  Firstly for my toe nail accident, then came down with a fever, followed by tonsilitis and to top it off had an allergic reaction the the crazy meds they put me on.  Fun times!

The thing I didn’t like most about Bali was the sheer abundance of Aussie bogans.  I have to say, I felt embarrassed to be an Australian when there are so many yobbos running around drunk, being rude, ignorant and obnoxious.  I found a lot of the Aussies over there were the type that have never been anywhere else and go back to Bali again and again for cheap booze and vunerable women.  There are so many Australians there I actually saw an Indonesian guy with a southern cross tattoo, NO SHIT!

Further more, Bali is sold as a beach holiday however the beach was so unimpressive I would have rather gone to Broulee.  Bali has great waves for surfers and that’s probably how it got it’s reputation as a beach paradise however the beaches are so crap that in a lot of cases there are extravagant beach clubs built on the beach so that people can go to he beach without sitting on the beach!  Crazy. 

Having said that, I still think there is a lot of charm in central Bali not to mention some unbelievable boutique shopping!  We saw some gorgeous sceneray around Ubud and got a glimpse at the real Bali away from the mess that is Kuta.

Rice paddies, just before we all fell in
Helping a mate out… Monkey Park in Ubud
Kuta Lines
Beach Club
Now this is holiday time…
Sunset over Kuta
Poan Beach Club… All to myself
Rafting under a waterfall
Rice terraces of Ubud

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