Schnapper’s Christmas List 2012

When you are in a long term relationship the cute, spontaneous, romantic presents (flowers, teddy bears and massage vouchers) eventually make way for those items that are more needed and practical!  I am all for the latter.

Let me introduce to you the Christmas List.  I generate such a list each year for my loving husband so that he remains relatively stress free when gift buying and I ensure that I do not have to unwrap an electronic gadget and Christmas Day!  The great thing about the list is that I will list so many items that it is still a surprise as to what item has been chosen off the list.  Hubby does not even need to brave the Christmas rush as I provide him with online shopping links.  Our marriage is truly efficient 😉

Without further ado…

Happy Schnapper Christmas Wish List (In no particular order)

Mimco Lucid Worker – $299

As I plan to go back to uni next year for my Masters degree (why?!) I plan to be lugging my laptop around a bit more.  May as well do it in style with this fabulous bag from Mimco.  Made from durable nylon rather than leather this bag is a lot lighter than other Mimco’s and the rose gold turnlock still makes the bag distinctively designer.

YSL Arty Ring – approx $245

I hope to one day become a YSL jewellery collector as their range of organic shapes and hypnotic colours are to die for.  The Arty has become a cult fashion staple and the perfect piece to kick off my addiction… Much debate rages on in fashion forums over which colour and design are the all time favourites however my preferences lie with either blue flecked glass stone, coral enamel stone or cream glass stone.


Tania by Wittner shoes – $159.95 in size 37

I’ve recently become a massive fan of Wittner pointy pumps.  I love the look of a sophisticated pointed toe, especially in the office however wearing them is another matter.  When wearing pumps it feels as though 3 out of my 5 toes are actually squashed under my feet.  Argh, does this happen to anyone else??  In Wittner pumps however I feel like I could breeze through the grocery store with not so much as a wince.  These Tania heels may not look like much in the store window but look AMAZING on and the ankle strap is neoprene and oh so comfortable and flexible.

Style Reign Celine Me Alone –  Bracelet and Necklace

I saw SFB wearing these pieces and they looked amazing on her!  Big chunky statement jewellery but still very simple in design.

The solid metal bracelet is $70 and the Necklace is $125.  I intend to get at least the bracelet engraved…

 Keepsake Run the World Dress – $149.95

Graphic print, clean lines, subtle peplum… What’s not to love about this gorgeous little number?

Well dearest husband and any other loving readers who want to spoil me this Chrissie, go forth and shop!

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