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Now that the weather is truly heating up it’s time for coast trips a plenty.  I did my first trip for the season last weekend with my dog Loui.  Loui adores the beach and his favourite activity is chasing the waves and biting the crap out of them which results in a lot of diarrhoea… lovely. 

What goes hand in hand with my beach loving ways is my addiction to swimwear.  Each year without fail I will purchase several new bikinis and my collection well exceeds 20 pairs!  That is a lot for a girl that does not have a backyard pool and lives hours from a beach!!

One thing I have learnt from my collecting is that swimwear does not have to cost the earth to look fabulous.  As with all clothing, the most important thing to look for is a great fit.

Check out where I shop for swimwear bargains:

Ruffle bikini in bright orange by KMart – $20
The great thing about this bikini is that I was able to buy the top and bottom separately ($10 each) ensuring the perfect fit for your body type.  The tie sides also allow further adjustment and the ruffled top is great for smaller bust 😉

Basic triangle bikini’s by Ice – 2 for $20 (or $15.95 each)
An absolute bargain!  I went halvsies with a friend so they ended up being only $10 each.  A perfect bikini for tanning due to the simple, minimal cut.  I quite dislike the store ICE however they make some fantastic swimwear and about 40% of my swimwear collection come from there.

ICE basic triangle bikini in bright blue
ICE basic triangle bikini in bright coral

My next tip for swimwear shopping is eBay.  Now this is quite tricky as you cannot “try before you buy” and I wouldn’t recommend this for girls that have special fitting needs.  Fortunatley for me I am a pretty standard size however it is still a bit of a hit and miss at times.  You also need to be careful of the pictures used by eBay stores.  Don’t be fooled by Victoria’s Secret professional photos that are used by many of the stores to advertise their products, look for stores who have REAL photos of their products with minimal photoshopping.

My number 1 pick for the best eBay swimwear store is Sheridyn Swim.  She is such a lovely girl and her store reflects her professionalism and dedication to her business.  Each item has multipl photos of her swimwear, many of which she models herself.  She always has a large range of pieces on sale too and her items come in separates for a great fit.


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