Fashion – Clear PVC pumps

I’ve decided that once I have a fully functional foot again, my first shoe purchase will be a pair of clear PVC pumps.  I know what you are all picturing, some sort of clear stripper-esque platform monstrocity?  Oh no!

I am after something slightly more subtle that resembles the Louboutin Unbout Illusions.  Trust Mr. L to come up with a PVC plastic shoe design that is classy and smokin hot!  Check out this pair worn by the beautiful Emma Stone – Stunning!

Christian Louboutin Just Picks heel

What is great about this shoe is that it not only is in the most flattering cut to elongat your legs, the clear panels further add to the illusion.  For some more affordable options I tracked down the following imposters:

Wittner Tailo heel in camel/rose gold – $169.95



Zu Sapphire heel in black stud – $130

And my personal favourite… simple and understated.
Alias Mae Harriet heel in black – $129.95


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