Life – Spring Cleaning

I am not necessarily the cleanest or tidiest person however I’m extremely particular when it comes to organisation of my wardrobe!  Spring is a great time to go through all your stuff and make the hard calls of what has to go and what has to be brought back into your outfit rotation.  I find that if an item is easy to see/find then it will be used so stop hoarding and start fresh this Spring!

Shoe storage – One of my biggest problems at present is my shoe collection.  I store my shoes in their original shoe boxes and stack them in the wardrobe of my spare room.  Alas, I now have reached maximum capacity and need more storage.  My friend Jay has come up with a great cheapy solution to shoe storage in the form of the IKEA Billy bookcase.  At $79 RRP this is an affordable and tidy solution to shoe storage.  To maximise storage you can purchase some additional shelves for $20 each and to keep them dust free you can purchase doors from $50 each.  Total price for my little shoe rack was $240 and stores 32 pairs of high heels.


After – Closed and open

Slim line hangers – I have a collection of hangers dating back to the 80’s.  They are an assortment of wood, wire, plastic, crochet and strange deformed numbers that have been bent to purpose.  This particular problem had been niggling away at me and I bit the bullet and decided to switch to the felt covered non-slip slim hangers.  Truth be told this has not created any extra space in my wardrobe as the clothes are all exactly the same size (duh) however now I can appreciate the symmetry and aesthetics of my hangers, it’s a big deal for the anally retentive!  Cost was $12 for 50 hangers and I needed 200.

Guarding the hangers


Bathroom storage – Some things should be on display while others should be hidden!  There is no way to make half empty jars and bottles look neat and tidy.  If chaos is hidden then does it really exist?  To combat my bathroom clutter I visited Ikea and purchased the Lillagen high bathroom cabinet for $199.  It comes with a frosted glass door to hide all your unsightly junk.  I love the hooks on the side to hang stuff like straightener, towels and hair dryer and the fact you can attach the door to either side for easy access is a great idea!


Bangle holder – bangles are large and cumbersome and generally do not fit nicely in your jewellery box.  For me they end up in some sort of jumbled mess in a shoe box under the bed.  A way of storing and displaying your bangles is simply with a Voss 375ml water bottle.  Granted Voss is not the cheapest bottled water you’ll find on the market but the bottle is the perfect size for bangles so I reckon it might just be value for money if you think of it that way 😉

So what are you waiting for?  Give yourself a fresh start and a tidy wardrobe this Spring and get your life in order!

More examples of my tendency to over-organise!

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